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Mable - What is it?

Mable is an online platform in Australia that connects individuals seeking disability and aged care support with independent support workers. Established in 2014, Mable provides a flexible and user-driven approach to care, allowing clients to choose who supports them and when. This model emphasises greater choice, control, and personalised care, enabling users to find support that fits their unique needs and preferences​ (Find Local Support Workers | Mable)​​ (Find Local Support Workers | Mable)​.

The platform supports a wide range of services including social support, domestic assistance, personal care, nursing services, and various therapies such as speech, occupational, and physiotherapy​ (Find Local Support Workers | Mable)​. Mable's verification process ensures the safety and quality of support by requiring comprehensive checks, including police and working with children checks, for all support workers. Additionally, Mable offers high-level insurance coverage for all booked sessions to further protect both clients and workers​ (Find Local Support Workers | Mable)​.

Mable also facilitates the use of government funding, such as Home Care Packages and NDIS funding, to pay for services. This makes it an accessible option for many Australians seeking to manage their care more autonomously​ (Find Local Support Workers | Mable)​.

How to Use Mable with My Companionship

You can use Mable to pay for carers from My Companionship through your Home Care Package. This allows you to take advantage of the personalised and flexible care options provided by My Companionship while utilising your existing government funding. Simply search for and hire support workers on Mable who align with your care needs and manage payments through the platform, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process.

For more detailed information about Mable's services and how to get started, you can visit their official website, or contact us



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