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NDIS Services

Discover the NDIS with us – your essential guide to navigating Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme. From eligibility to maximizing your plan, we're here to empower you every step of the way

Our Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a significant initiative in Australia aimed at providing support and services to individuals with disabilities, their families, and carers. Established with the goal of enhancing the lives of people with disabilities, the NDIS operates across the country, offering a range of services and supports tailored to individual needs. This section of our website serves to provide comprehensive information about the NDIS, its objectives, eligibility criteria, available supports, and how individuals can navigate the scheme to access the assistance they require.

What is the NDIS: The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national program in Australia designed to provide support and services to individuals with permanent and significant disabilities. It operates under the principle of providing reasonable and necessary supports to enable participants to achieve their goals, enhance their independence, and participate fully in their communities.

Services through NDIS: The NDIS provides a wide range of supports and services tailored to the individual needs of participants. These may include assistance with daily activities, access to therapy services (such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy), provision of assistive technology and mobility aids, supported accommodation, employment support, and access to community and recreational programs.

Navigating the NDIS: Planning Meetings: Planning meetings are facilitated by NDIS planners and involve discussions about the participant's goals, needs, and preferences. Participants are encouraged to actively participate in the planning process, advocate for their interests, and seek clarification on any aspects of their plan.

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How do I receive these services?

If you already have an NDIS package, or you've just received one, let's get in touch to find out how we can deliver support suited to your needs.

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