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Self Managed Home Care Packages

Take control of your own health

Self-managing your home care package allows you to take control of your own health care services at home. This approach gives you the flexibility to decide how your care is delivered and by whom, making it a personalised experience that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Benefits of Self-Managing Your Care

Choice and Control:



You choose the services that best suit your lifestyle and health requirements. From hiring your preferred caregivers to scheduling visits at times that work for you, you have the final say.

Adjust your services as your needs change without waiting for approvals from a Care Manager. This is particularly beneficial for adapting to changes in your health and personal circumstances.

Managing your own budget can lead to cost savings. You have the opportunity to shop around for services and providers that offer competitive rates and value for money.


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Why Self-Manage?

Low 12% Fee

You can access more services, get more hours, and get more value out of your package because the fees are lower (in comparison to traditional providers).

You Decide the Care

Control your own timetable and support staff. As your needs for support change, adjust your services. You choose how to maximise the value of your package!

Take Control

Take charge of your home care package; decide how much money is spent, who will provide your support, and when.

How do Self Managed Home Care Packages Work?

Self-management is the process of handling the funding for your Home Care Package on your own. It offers you the freedom and discretion to select the resources and assistance you require to reach your objectives.

For recipients of Home Care Packages who wish to oversee their own care directly, our self-management plan is perfect. You create and manage your own care team and schedule, and you choose how to use your funds to best suit your needs.

Great company, very responsive with procerement

Dedicated Package Manager

When you join My Companionship through the Self Managed option, you will receive a direct Package Manager who will assist and guide you through your journey.

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Receive services!

Benefits of a Self-Managed Package

One of the main benefits of self-management is having complete control over your spending. You'll always have full transparency about your options and every decision you make regarding your care. If your needs change and you need to adjust your care package, you’ll clearly understand how these changes might affect your budget and care.

Self-management can also lead to cost savings on home care package services, as many providers charge high management fees and offer significant discounts for self-management.

Challenges of a Self-Managed Package

While self-managing your home care package offers several advantages, it also presents some notable challenges. Despite the autonomy it provides, self-management still requires coordination with your provider. Legally, your provider must host your package funds and ensure that your care and spending align with the package requirements. This means you’ll need to collaborate with them to approve your carers, access funds, and track your expenditures. The increased control over your care comes with the necessity of dedicating more time and energy to administrative tasks. Providers vary in the support they offer for these tasks in self-managed packages; some might have stringent requirements but offer minimal assistance, which can complicate self-management.

Additionally, self-managing your package can involve added risks. For instance, if your health or circumstances change, you are initially responsible for contacting your provider to adjust your care plan. This responsibility can be daunting, especially when simultaneously dealing with health changes. To mitigate these risks, providers like My Companionship regularly check in with you, even under a self-managed package, to ensure you are coping well and to identify any changes in your health or circumstances that might impact your care, services, or budget. This proactive approach helps balance the challenges of self-management with ongoing support and reassurance.

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