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Home Care Package Eligibility

As people age, maintaining independence at home can become increasingly challenging. Home Care Packages, subsidised by the Australian Government, offer a valuable solution by providing essential support to senior Australians. These packages help older individuals continue living comfortably in their own homes rather than moving to residential aged care facilities. Here’s everything you need to know about Home Care Packages and eligibility criteria.

Home Care

Who is Eligible for a Home Care Package?

Eligibility for a Home Care Package primarily targets older Australians aged 65 and above, with an exception for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who are eligible from the age of 50. Additionally, younger individuals with disabilities, dementia, or other care needs not covered by specialist services may also qualify for these packages. Eligibility is determined based on health, mobility, and personal circumstances.

To quickly check eligibility, you can use My Aged Care’s online eligibility checker. This tool evaluates various factors such as mobility, independence in daily activities like dressing and meal preparation, existing support from friends or family, recent medical events, and emotional or mental health status.

A Home Care Package provides government funding to assist older Australians in accessing necessary home care services. Each individual is allocated an annual budget to be used for organising and administering these services through a Home Care Package Provider. The goal is to help seniors remain in their homes for as long as possible before considering a transition to aged care facilities.

What Support Can a Home Care Package Provide?

Currently, more than 275,000 government-funded Home Care Packages are available to support senior Australians living at home. These packages can fund a wide range of services, including:

  • Bathing, hygiene, and grooming

  • Nursing and medical care

  • Podiatry, physiotherapy, and other therapies

  • Meal preparation and food delivery

  • Assistance with impairments or continence

  • Household chores like cleaning and laundry

  • Home or garden maintenance

  • Home modifications such as stair lifts or bathroom safety rails

  • Aids for maintaining independence

  • Transport services

  • Social outings, groups, and visitors

However, there are certain goods and services not covered by standard Home Care Packages. These include:

  • Items typically purchased with general income

  • Regular food purchases, except for enteral feeding requirements

  • Permanent accommodation costs, including home purchase, mortgage payments, or rent

  • Home care fees

  • Fees for other types of care funded by the Australian Government

  • Non-care-related home modifications or assets

  • Travel and accommodation for holidays

  • Entertainment activities such as club memberships and tickets to events

  • Gambling activities

  • Services and items covered by Medicare or the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

For more detailed information about what services Home Care Packages can fund, you can visit My Companionship.

Next Steps

If you or your loved one might benefit from the support of home care services, it’s crucial to explore Home Care Packages. By using the My Aged Care eligibility checker, you can quickly determine your eligibility and start the process of accessing these valuable services. Should you be deemed eligible, you will need to provide details such as your Medicare number and create a My Aged Care record to proceed.

For further information, you can read more on the My Aged Care – What is it? page.

Empowering older Australians to live independently and comfortably at home is the core mission of Home Care Packages. If you think you or your loved one could benefit, don’t hesitate to explore this option today.


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