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2024–25 Aged Care Budget: Enhancing Quality Aged Care

The Australian Government's 2024–25 Budget allocates $2.2 billion to improve the quality and safety of aged care through several key initiatives:

  • Strengthening the foundations and connections within the aged care system

  • Reducing wait times for Home Care Packages for older Australians

  • Expanding and supporting the aged care workforce

  • Enhancing the quality and safety regulatory framework

  • Upgrading technology and digital infrastructure in the aged care sector

The Budget aims to forge stronger links between aged care and health systems, ensuring that older Australians receive the medical support they need in a safe and comfortable environment.

Strengthening Medicare Package

As part of the Strengthening Medicare package, states and territories will receive support to up-skill residential aged care workers, provide outreach services, virtual care, and complex care outside hospital settings. The Transition Care Programme will be extended and reviewed to continue offering short-term care for older individuals recovering from hospital stays.

Improved Dementia Care

Investment in dementia services and support for people with complex care needs will ensure better dementia care. This includes preparing the health system for new diagnostic and treatment advancements.

New Aged Care Act

The new Aged Care Act will place older individuals at the center of aged care, supporting the Government's response to the Aged Care Taskforce and aiming to create a sustainable sector that delivers high-quality care.

Faster Access to In-Home Care

An additional $531.4 million will fund 24,100 new Home Care Packages in 2024–25, reducing wait times to an average of six months. This will help more Australians access in-home aged care, supporting their independence and allowing them to stay in their homes and communities longer.

Effective Regulation

Over the next four years, $111 million will be invested in implementing a new regulatory framework for aged care and enhancing the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC). A stronger regulatory framework and a well-resourced, capable regulator will ensure high standards of safe, quality care for older Australians.

Aged Care Workforce Initiatives

To address workforce demands, $88.4 million over four years will be allocated to attract and retain aged care workers. This includes growing the home care workforce in regional, rural, and remote areas, and supporting better career pathways for nurses in aged care.

Upgrading Technology Systems

The Budget includes $1.4 billion over five years to upgrade technology systems and digital infrastructure across the aged care sector. This funding will maintain current systems and enhance digital capabilities to comply with the new Aged Care Act, ensuring older people receive respectful and high-quality care.

Aged Care Budget

Connecting Aged Care and Health Systems

With a $190 million investment over three years, the Transition Care Programme will be extended and reviewed to provide short-term care for older people recovering from hospital stays. This will ensure they receive the necessary health care and support in a safe and comfortable environment without needing prolonged hospital stays.

Supporting People Living with Dementia

  • $30.4 million over three years for the Specialist Dementia Care Program to provide clinical in-reach support

  • $56.8 million over five years to expand the Acute to Residential Care Transition Service for dementia patients

  • $1.7 million in 2024–25 to continue supporting the Australian Dementia Network

These investments will help people living with dementia transition from hospital to aged care services and access necessary clinical in-reach services. Researchers in the Australian Dementia Network will continue preparing the health system for new diagnostic and treatment options.

Cheaper Medicines

A $0.9 million investment will enhance the National Immunisation Program Vaccinations in Pharmacy Program, offering more options for free vaccines and appropriate medications for aged care residents. Aged care homes will be supported to improve their links with community pharmacists to deliver vaccines efficiently.

Aged Care Budget


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